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Learn to improve your craft and rock your marketing. 

For free. From home.  

The Stay Home Story Summit is a fabulous and free resource for indie authors.

Great content that will inspire ... not overwhelm. 

Amazing speakers ... and no upsell.  

No smarmy sales. 

Zero stress. 

Simple, solid content.  

​​​​​​​ARE YOU READY??



Note: Almost ALL of these stellar people wear more than one hat. They might be authors AND podcasters, or they might be listed with a company but ALSO be an author. You'll get to know each of them more VERY SOON! 

Mark LeFebvre - Draft2Digital

Evan Gow - Story Origin

Jillian Tohber Leslie - MiloTree

Nate Hoffelder - The Digital Reader

Kami Huyse - Smart Social Secrets

Dre Beltrami - The Solopreneur Society

Roland Denzel - The Indestructible Author

Alexa Bigwarfe - Write, Publish, Sell

Ines Johnson - Author

Andi Cumbo-Floyd - Author & Editor

Steff Green - Author

Victorine Lieske - Author


Tim Storm - Author 

Lorana Hoopes - Author & Narrator

Jessica Pierce - Cover Designer

Jami Albright - Author 

Sarah Rosett - Author 

Kirsten Oliphant - Create If Writing


Videos start May 19 and will be available until June 21!